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Ube Cream Liqueur brings the magic of the Philippines to the world, one bottle at a time. Made with the precolonial root crop staple of the Filipino people, it is ritually crafted with a combination of distillation techniques in a zero-waste process, using local and indigenous botanicals, spices and ingredients. 


The ube used in every batch is sourced directly from farms to highlight the best produce of the Philippine islands.


Regarded as sacred, ube sustained Filipinos through wartime and hardship. Today, it continues to support the livelihood of agricultural communities, delight regional fiestas, and anchor Philippine culture & heritage with its lore.


 Able to withstand adverse conditions such as pestilence and drought, it is the lotus flower of vegetables; a symbol of the resilience of the Filipino people.


An Agimat at Ugat product by Destileria Barako from Malay, Philippines.

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