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Celebrating a Flavorful Fusion

Ube Cream Liqueur's Journey to Australia with 7000 Islands® Partnership!

A Taste experience like No Other

Ube Cream Liqueur has garnered international acclaim, being crowned the World's Best Cream Liqueur of 2022, and now it's ready to make its grand entrance into the Australian market. This exceptional craft spirit blends the alluring sweetness of Ube with the lively essence of a fiesta celebration, promising a velvety, enchanting taste experience that will captivate hearts and palates alike.

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Testaments to excellence

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Platinum Medal 2023 - from SIP Awards USA

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7000 Islands® is an Australian independent wine & spirits company that proudly serves as the Australian Distributor for Ube Cream Liqueur and the Proud Pinoy Partner of Destileria Barako. They bring the Finest Filipino Craft Spirits from the 7000 Islands of The Philippines to enthusiasts across Australia.

Friends Across
the Pacific

The partnership between Destileria Barako and 7000 Islands® is more than just a collaboration—it's a celebration of friendship and shared values. Our relationship goes way back, and we have celebrated together on numerous occasions, none more significant than when Ube Cream Liqueur earned its prestigious accolade. Now, the time has come to extend our shared passion for Filipino culture and flavors to Australia.

A shared passion for filipino culture

A Vision for Global Reach

As Destileria Barako continues to champion Filipino craftsmanship, we couldn't have asked for a better partner than 7000 Islands® to help us reach a wider audience. With their expertise in Australian wine and spirits, we are confident that Ube Cream Liqueur will find its rightful place in the hearts of Australians who seek unique and authentic taste experiences.

A Toast to the Future

We raise our glasses in celebration of this remarkable journey, and we can't wait to introduce the Australian market to Ube Cream Liqueur's vibrant Fiesta Spirit. Together with 7000 Islands®, the Australian Distributor for Ube Cream Liqueur & Proud Pinoy Partner of Destileria Barako, we look forward to fostering a deeper appreciation for Filipino culture and flavors, making Ube Cream Liqueur a cherished addition to gatherings and festivities across Australia.

The Collaboration

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Mr. Jon Paule

Marketing Manager

Destileria Barako

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