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Ube Cream Liqueur
All Over the World

Unleashing the Taste of Fiesta Spirit globally as Destileria Barako aims to bring Ube Cream Liqueur to every corner of the world, crafted to bring the essence of celebration one sip at a time.


Bringing the taste of Filipino bliss to the world, Ube Cream Liqueur finds its roots in the vibrant heart of the Philippines. Locally sourced from the rich culture of Filipino's tropical paradise, each sip is a journey to the origin of flavor.


Embrace the spirit of the Philippines in every indulgent drop.

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United States of America

Ube Cream Liqueur, embodying the richness of Filipino culture, is now within reach in the USA. Experience the vibrant flavors and cultural fusion as it becomes a delightful addition to your moments.

Here's to the irresistible Taste of Fiesta Spirit. Let the joyous flavors of celebration dance on your palate.


In the heart of Australia, where the vast landscapes meet the welcoming embrace of the Aussie spirit, Ube Cream Liqueur has found a cherished home. Australians, with their open hearts and adventurous palates, have wholeheartedly accepted the Filipino culture encapsulated in every drop of this award-winning liqueur. 

It's a delightful fusion, where the bold flavors of Australia intertwine with the vibrant essence of the Philippines.

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In the heart of Europe, Ube Cream Liqueur becomes a bridge between two worlds—a symphony of Filipino warmth and Belgian sophistication. Belgium, known for its exquisite and rich culinary heritage, welcomes the Filipino flair with open arms.

It's a harmonious blend of flavors that transcends borders, seamlessly weaving a taste of the Filipino culture into the heart of Europe.


Ube Cream Liqueur makes its way to the land of rich history and picturesque landscapes.  Its enchanting flavors are now ready to captivate the discerning palates of Germany's diverse culinary scene.

It's more than just a drink; it's an invitation to experience the colorful and festive spirit of the rich culture of Filipinos in Germany.

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An exciting twist of cultural fusion, the much-anticipated Ube Cream Liqueur is gearing up to make its grand entrance into the picturesque landscapes of the Netherlands. The rich, purple elixir, representing the heart and soul of Filipino festivities, is poised to seamlessly weave its way into the diverse tapestry of Dutch culture.

Get ready for a harmonious blend that celebrates the best of both worlds. 

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